Hidden Mysteries Gates of Graceland

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  • Hidden Mysteries - Return to Titanic 1.0

    Solve Hidden Mysteries in Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic! After using a secret alias to board the Titanic, things go terribly wrong and you find yourself trapped among the wreckage. In order to earn freedom from
  • Jewel Quest Mysteries 1.0

    n Jewel Quest Mysteries, Rupert and Emma are plunged into the land of ancient intrigue, Egypt. Seek out treasures and jewels, Hidden within stunning gardens and relic-laden palaces. Swap jewels to turn tiles gold in
  • Mysteries of Magic Island

    Survive the dangerous Magic Island and become a Grand Magician in Mysteries of Magic Island, a fun Hidden Object game! Find the enchanted items necessary to escape the Magic Island, and return to the Great Magic School
  • Babylon Gates - Animated Wallpaper 5.07

    Babylon Gates is an Animated Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia devoted to the historic theme. In ancient times Babylon was the largest Centre of the Middle East. Babylon's residents were very proud of their city, and it
  • The Island: Castaway 1.0

    in The Island Castaway game you have to find out the Mysteries that are Hidden in the elapsed place. The story behind this game is there was an ocean liner that was caught in a storm and wrecked in the ocean but a group
  • Hidden Expedition - Everest 1.0

    Directly from the successful exploration of the Titanic, the Hidden Expedition Club will pit one of its top members against a formidable group of climbers in a race to the summit of Everest. Explore Mysteries of the
  • Pie Bill Gates 2: Winter Edition 1.0

    Pie Bill Gates 2: Winter Edition - very simple to play! You need only to throw as many pies as possible at Gates! The result will depend on your reaction. New version includes: Amazing graphics New music and sounds..
  • Afterlife: Rickard's Quest 1.0

    The Gates of Hell have been locked shut for centuries by the power of the Holy Cruciforms. These ancient artefacts are the only force separating the world of life from the Thirteen Realms of Hell... But someone has
  • Gates of Babylon 3D Screensaver

    In ancient times, Babylon was the largest city of the Middle East. Babylon`s residents were very proud of their city, and its name meant «The Gates of God». The talk about Babylon, this «queen of cities», has spread to
  • The Mirror Mysteries

    Mirror Mysteries is a scary Hidden object game in which you have to help a mother find her kids that were kidnapped by an enchanted mirror. Throughout the game you will travel to different lands looking for clues and
  • Laura Jones and the Gates of Good&Evil 1.0

    The famous adventurer Laura Jones gets a letter from Professor Adams about powerful ancient talisman. The talisman turns to be one of the keys to the Mystical Gates preserving the source of sacred powers that affect
  • The treasures of the mystery island: The gates of fate

    Embark on an all-new adventure in The Treasures of Mystery Island 2: The Gates of Fate, a sequel that's bigger, better, and more stunning than the original! When the Gates of Fate send Alex and Lisa back in time, each to
  • Jewel Quest Mysteries 3: The Seventh Gate

    Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Seventh Gate is an amazing game. Players will have to uncover Mysteries in ancient Greece and help Emma find her husband and daughter, who have gone missing after a horrible struggle, before
  • Infiltration 1.0

    The game is played from the First Person perspective which means that you view from the eyes of the character. If you come to a door/gate that can be opened with a keycard you will be alerted to which keycard you need
  • Hidden Expedition Everest 2

    Download Hidden Expedition: Everest Fresh from a successful exploration of the wreck of the Titanic, the Hidden Expedition Club will pit one of its stellar members against a formidable group of opponents in a race to
  • Gold Ocean Screensaver 1.0

    This is a golden ocean. Sun golden light illuminates it. This is one of the Mysteries of nature. You've never seen such miracles. Install our screensaver and dive into the world of secrets and Mysteries of nature. This
  • PRAY - P.roject R.os.A.r.Y 1.0 Beta

    A project aimed to assist Catholic Rosary based prayers: * Learn to pray The Holy Rosary, The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy ... * Meditate on the Mysteries of the Rosary listening to Bible readings * Meditate with
  • Laura Jones and the Legacy of Nikola Tesla 1.0

    After uncovering mysterious clues left by inventor Nikola Tesla, help Laura solve puzzles, search for Hidden objects, track down a missing part, and beat out the competition in completing Tesla s most brilliant
  • Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil for Mac 1.0

    The famous adventurer, Laura Jones, receives a letter with news of the discovery of an ancient talisman. It turns out to be one of the keys to the Mystical Gates, preserving the source of sacred powers that affect people
  • Overflow 1.4

    Rescue water pouring helplessly over the land with SuperGOO. With this you can re-direct the flow of the water to safety. Each level is set against the clock and you have a limited amount of SuperGOO. Along the way you
  • TOTOFoot pro 2.0

    Gear systems allow you to play more doubles and triples than normal. These systems are composed of prognosis singles matches, doubles and triplesin the form of several simple Gates (double or triple without) - it
  • Drawn - Dark Flight Collector's Edition

    Iris has escaped from the Tower but she still needs your help. Explore the Kingdom of Stonebriar and solve the Mysteries of the shadows that prowl its streets in this fun Adventure game. Enter magical worlds through
  • Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts 32.0

    Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts is a Hidden objects mystery game. As you advance in the game you are taken to different locations to solve the Hidden object puzzles. You must complete all of the Hidden objects puzzles in
  • Herod's Lost Tomb 1.0

    Embark on an amazing archeological adventure in Herod's Lost Tomb, an original Hidden object challenge. Join National Geographic on the hunt for one of histories greatest Mysteries and uncover the story of one of the
  • YoudaLegend 1.3

    Welcome to Amsterdam! The dark influence of an old curse still taunts the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Puzzling through old city Mysteries and searching for clues you might be on the biggest quest you have ever
  • Haunted Hotel for Mac 1.0

    What would you do if your car broke down and the only sign of civilization in sight was the spooky Haunted Hotel? Of course you would go there and solve all of the Mysteries contained within its walls! This game features
  • Electronics and Mechanical Engineering 10

    The handy Electronics and Mechanical Engineering program features Types of Switching as well AC Theory, Attenuators, Passive Filters , Active Filters, Oscillators, Circuit Theorems, Complex Numbers, Roots, Angles and
  • Mysteries of Fire Island 1.0

    Mysteries of Fire Island is the exciting sequel to the award-winning Wonderland Adventures. Once again, the magical world of Wonderland is in danger. Travel to the mysterious Fire Island and unravel an ancient mystery in
  • Venice Panorama HD Screensaver 2.07

    Prepare to visit wonderful Venezia, full of History, medieval stories and Mysteries. Even you can't ride a gondola right Now, you are free to enter a place Hidden in the very heart of this beautiful city! This
  • Nexus The Kingdom of the Winds 6.62 1.0

    Discover the Hidden beauty of The Kingdom of the Winds. Enter a virtual world. Begin by learning how to survive; you may end up becoming a deity. Do arcane Mysteries entice you? Or poetic stories? What of donning