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  • Energames Hidden Object 1.0

    HiddenObject is an excellent application that can freshen up your mind with an abundance of games of the hidden object genre, great games to get you
  • Hidden Object Games Cup 2

    Find the stone hidden in one of those cups. Fantastic hidden object game, a game that still makes people loose hundred of dollars on streets of
  • The Hidden Object Show - Win Big! 1.0

    Presenting the newest reality show to hit your PC, "The Hidden Object Show". This fun title includes 11 game modes of which 5 you have never seen, and
  • Hidden Object Library 1.0

    This library is a real mysterious place. Several objects which you seek are hidden in strategic places. Can you find them all? It will require a sharp
  • Hidden Object Studios - I'll Believe You 1.0

    Late-night radio host Dale Sweeney's usual line up of oddball, conspiracy-obsessed callers is interrupted by a panicked phone call in an
  • The Hidden Object Show Season

    The Hidden Object Show: Season 2 is the second edition of this series and, as it previous edition, it`s about looking for hidden stuff. In The Hidden
  • Hidden Object Heroines Bundle 5 in 1

    Five epic adventures with fearless females, all in one ! Search for hidden objects throughout dangerous, exotic lands, from ancient jungles to an
  • Hidden Object Heroes Bundle

    Legendary seek-and-finds with epic heroes - three for the price of one. Help a fearless archaeologist decode a villain???s powers in Samantha Swift &
  • The Hidden Object Show Season 2 for Mac 1.0

    Do you think you have what it takes to compete in this season of The Hidden Object Show? Test your skills of observation in this dizzying whirlwind
  • The Hidden Object Show: Season 2 1.0

    Test your skills of observation in this dizzying whirlwind tour of a wacky amusement park. Compete for loads of collectable toys and fun carnival
  • The Hidden Object Show Combo Pack

    The Hidden Object Show Combo Pack offers the parts 1 and 2 of this game.The Hidden Object Show is a TV show that has two seasons, or parts. Once the
  • Ami-Downloads 1.3

    Digital Goods Manager PHP
  • PSP Downloads Finder 1.0

    PSP Downloads Search Tool - Fill your PSP with Movies, Games, Music, Wallpaper with this search tool, which accesses the world's largest
  • PSP Games Downloads 1.0

    PSP Games Downloads Advertising Wizard. PSP Sale store offers you a chance to get the world's leading games console at a great low price. The
  • MassMatrix Downloads 1.2.2 Build 15

    Mass spectrometry-based proteomics made easy. Mass spectrometry-based proteomics made easy. MassMatrix Downloads is a handy tool specially
  • MP3 Rocket - MP3 Downloads 6 1

    MP3 Rocket is an award winning YouTube Video to MP3 Downloader that allows you to download videos and convert them to MP3s, including HD and HQ
  • Unlimited MP3 Downloads 3.6.8

    Enjoy the Ozzy albums? Now download them with ease. Unlimited MP3 Downloads is a software that search and download music files after categories and
  • DC++ Faster Downloads 2.0

    Now you can save your time by downloading your desire files with fast speed by using handy download-Accelerator add-on DC++ Faster Downloads. It is
  • Fast Downloads 1.0

    Movie Downloads. Movie Fast Download, Software Downloads, Games Downloads... Join The Fastest Network Of Files On The Web. Unlimited Access To
  • Free Fox MP3 Downloads Pro 4.0

    Free Fox MP3 Downloader the fastest download software for free MP3 Music Downloads, movies and torrent. Award winning software providing the
  • Chrome Downloads 1.21

    If you want to visit Chrome downloads manager, you must click menu "Tools > Downloads", press key "Ctrl + J" or type "chrome://downloads/" in address
  • Free Fox MP3 Downloads 4.0

    Free Fox MP3 Downloader is an award winning download software that enables you to download free mp3 music downloads, watch TV, video, movies,
  • Lucky Downloads search 1.1

    Lucky Downloads search is a free utitity that enables you to find thousands of downloads in Internet. The program resides in your system tray and
  • Shareaza Faster Downloads 1.6

    Shareaza Faster Downloads is a potent add-on to Shareaza P2P application. Most modern technology used augment download speed and enlarges the amount
  • eMule +Ultra Downloads 1.21c

    eMule Plus Ultra is a freeware computer program that you can use to download all types of Internet content. It works on average 5 times faster then
  • Internet Downloads Manager 5.12.8

    Accelerate downloads by up to 5 times, schedule downloads, recover and resume broken downloads. The program features an adaptive download accelerator,
  • Unlimited Music Downloads 3.6.9

    Unlimited Music Downloads allows you to not only download but you can also listen to the downloaded music instantly. This download software has a
  • Ipod Movies Downloads 1.0

    Advertising Wizard by Ipod Movies And Music - iPod is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple Inc. and launched on October
  • MP3 Rocket Music Downloads 6.2.1

    MP3 Rocket's YouTube to MP3 Converter allows you to download and convert YouTube videos to your desktop or mobile device. It can convert YouTube
  • Free iTunes Downloads 1.2

    Now you can keep yourself up- to-date with iTunes USA latest music, TV shows, etc by using handy and free iTunes Downloads widget. It shows you free
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  • Arabella Gems 1.0

    Free addictive hidden object game Free addictive hidden objects online game by hidden-object-Online.com Find cunningly hidden objects in the rooms and pass all levels. You have the list of object that should be found.
  • Samantha Swift and the Mystery from Atlantis 1.0

    Join Samantha Swift as she returns to race across the globe in a daring search for the missing pieces to an Atlantean treasure. Find clues and solve clever puzzles in this hidden object adventure! Dire consequences for
  • Usbit Extension 2.0

    Usbit Extension The official extension of the website www.usbit.co.il ,include: * Games downloads * Softwares downloads * Movies downloads * Music downloads * mobile
  • Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate

    Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate is a hidden objects game.You will help the archaeologist Samantha Smith in her quest to reclaim the Emerald of Judgment. She will need to find objects in several places, to
  • Hide Object 1.01

    Annoyed by floating ads or nag screens that follow you when you scroll down a Web PaGE? Hide object will help you get rid of them. Right-click the object you want to hide and select Hide object from the context menu.
  • Hidden Mysteries: The White House

    The White House is an interesting hidden-object game with an educational theme. In this game you must help Miranda find clues to find her professor, while discovering the history of the White House. Throughout the game,
  • Butterfly:The Mad Prince 1.0

    Butterfly: The Mad Prince is an exciting mix of hidden object, action, and puzzle that will keep you glued to your seat! Can you hear it? The cry of a butterfly? The hidden kindgom of Adrya is calling out for a true
  • Double Play: The Hidden Objects Show 1 And 2 1.0

    Presenting the newest reality show to hit the casual market, The hidden object Show! On the set of an abandoned movie studio you'll be tasked with finding a list of items. Challenge yourself to win great prizes in 11
  • Mystery Age - The Dark Priests

    The dark priests are stirring up trouble in Westwind Village by attempting to resurrect their master, the Chaos God! Scour hidden object scenes with Amber as she returns to save her people and put an end to the evil once
  • The Dark Hills of Cherai

    The Dark Hills of Cherai is a hidden-object game in which you must help Arjun save his cousin and find the treasure of Cherai. Throughout the game, you will visit different scenes which represent hidden object games and
  • Mysteryville

    Mysteryville is a hidden-object game in which you help a journalist investigate the disappearance of the town's cats. Throughout the game, you will visit different locations playing hidden-object games. In all scenes,
  • Memory Clinic 1.0

    Join Dr. Summerland at her private Memory Clinic to improve your memory through a variety of hidden object based challenges. The game provides familiar hidden object content to the player with added memory-training
  • Free Mac Game Downloads 2

    Got a mac and looking for a mac computer game? Get free mac Game downloads! Lots of great mac online games to share with your friends and other mac users too. Play mystery games for mac, hidden object games, puzzle
  • Mystery Case Files: Huntsville 1.0

    Mystery Case Files: Huntsville is an adventure-puzzle casual game in which a player must locate a list of objects which are hidden among many other objects on the computer screen. Once a player has located all the
  • Arabella Gems 2 1.0

    Arabella Gems 2 is a free hidden-object game. You will play as Arabella, who has to find lists of hidden objects in four scenarios: a cabin, a park, a kitchen and an ambulance. The game itself does not explain who
  • Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret

    Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret is a hidden-object game in which you must help Anna, who has awaken in a strange underwater world, recover her identity and discover the mystery of the Dark Empress. Throughout the
  • Antique Road Trip USA

    Grace and James Anderson are newlyweds with a growing antiques business. Help them open their own store by traveling across America and searching for hard-to-find antiques! Visit hometowns such as Cheyenne, Memphis, and
  • Save Our Spirit

    Save Our Spirit is a hidden-object game in which you are Lord Longstep, who is looking for his kidnapped wife. His wife has mystical powers, which may cause the world to be destroyed if they fall into wrong hands. You
  • Yard Sale Junkie 1.0

    Help Shirley earn the money to open her LA boutique with hidden object, time management gameplay! From Malibu to Hollywood, join her in a searching and selling frenzy as locals bargain hunt for the coolest junk! Full
  • Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction

    Yard Sale hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction is a fantastic adventure game in which you must redecorate the rooms of your clients with certain things that you have to get at yard sales. During the game, you will visit
  • Rangy Lil's Wild West Adventure

    Rangy Lil's Wild West Adventure is a hidden object game. It is set in the wild west, where Lil is searching for her ex-husband who has kidnapped her children. The game is comprised mainly of hidden object games,
  • Clairvoyant: The Magician Mystery 1.0

    Find a missing carnival magician in this addictive hidden object game In Clairvoyant: The Magician Mystery you will have to investigate the sudden and mysterious disappearance of a carnival magician. Use your hidden
  • The Hidden Object Show Combo Pack

    The hidden object Show Combo Pack offers the parts 1 and 2 of this game.The hidden object Show is a TV show that has two seasons, or parts. Once the game is installed, you will be able to play with any of them.In Season
  • Jewel Quest Mysteries 2: Trail of the Midnight Heart 1.0

    After answering her uncle's call, Eva Witheby winds up far from home and amidst strangers. It's hard to know who to trust when treacherous trails and veiled secrets abound. Help Eva seek and find relics in eye catching
  • Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Seventh Gate Collector's Edition 1.0

    The hit hidden object series is back, and it's better than ever! Venture through the hidden relics of Greece as you join Emma in search of her husband and daughter, who have fallen victim to a horrible struggle. Emma
  • Cate West: The Velvet Keys 1.0

    Solve a hidden object murder mystery in this thrilling sequel to The Vanishing Files! After traveling to Damsca and discovering a dead body that never decays, gather the mysterious Velvet Keys and help Cate crack the
  • Annabel Deluxe

    Annabel Deluxe is a hidden object game with unique and stunning graphics.You have to take a journey to the drifting sands of Ancient Egypt and help a young princess find true love in Annabel Deluxe.Featuring incredible
  • The Mirror Mysteries

    Mirror Mysteries is a scary hidden object game in which you have to help a mother find her kids that were kidnapped by an enchanted mirror. Throughout the game you will travel to different lands looking for clues and
  • Jewel Quest Mysteries 1.0

    n Jewel Quest Mysteries, Rupert and Emma are plunged into the land of ancient intrigue, Egypt. Seek out treasures and jewels, hidden within stunning gardens and relic-laden palaces. Swap jewels to turn tiles gold in
  • Power Of Love 1.0

    It is a hidden object game.Help Mary to find her husband in this misterious quest.Explore different locations, talk to people, search hidden items and solve puzzles.